Top 5 Extension Cord 2021

Treat your devices with The Best Five Extension Cords in 2021.

Extension cords are utilized in places where electrical components have wires that are either too short to have a reach to wall power outlets or simply when there is a shortage of adequate number of wall outlets. Here we have brought about the possibly 5 Best Extension cords of 2021 readily available over Retail stores. For ease of access, we are also listing down online stores which can deliver these cords to their customers. These recommendations are jolted down after considering their safety standards alongside their reliability within the electronic sector. However, a good quality extension wire doesn’t only comprise of an adequate length or number of power outlets, it also has a focus on maintaining safety whilst connecting appliances.

Here we have culminated our researched items into a list of Five Best Extension Cords of 2021, which are surely bound to drive away your Technological blues.

Choosing the right kind of Extension cords with accordance to the adequate insulation properties is highly impactful on the health and Safety of electronic appliances. Hence, we aim to help you choose the best kind of cords that could keep your devices up and running!


GE 6-Outlet Surge Protector

Spare yourself the hassle of dangerous electric shocks or using your favorite gadgets in inconvenient positions. Stop endangering the health of your electronics and save yourself those unnecessary trips to repair shops! Experience seamless power with the 6 grounded and secured 3 Prong Outlets with our recommended Product. The thick layered cord with the added protection from Voltage spikes up to 800 Joules with an integrated circuit breaker ensures the devices to be safe from being electrocuted. The heavy-duty cord has been designed specifically to ensure reliability, its extendable and elastic nature will provide you the comfort of owning your own centralized power station within your reach combined with safety!

Key Features

  • Added reliability and security with twist to close safety outlets.
  • Extra Lengthy cord with a 10 ft lengthy cable for convenient access
  • Space saving design with secluded keyholes slots for easy hanging.
  • Amazon Basics 10-Foot Extension Cord

Does a basic extension cord nullify your needs of seamless connectivity with ease of access? With this product reserving a spot in our Best Extension Cords category one doesnot need to look any further. This lengthy cord jacketed inside a thick insulator cover serves customer with safety combined with unmatched ease of access. Boosting of a 16 AWG power rating alongside 13 Ampere power absorption this Extension Cord would drive away your tech blues away! This Cord would connect seamlessly with all Large servers, PDUs and Laser Printers to name a few! Plug in to enjoy a valuable experience with this Amazing Extension Cord and stream content through Blu-ray players, Fire TV, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, XBox One, Xbox 360, computers and other HDMI-enabled devices to TVs

Key Features

  • Reliable and lengthy cord providing ease of access
  • Readily Available in Six different Cord Sizes
  • Available in variations of HDMI functioning alongside Extension Cord

Anker Power Strip

Are you constantly tired of transporting your usual Extension cords time and again while changing places? You need not to look anywhere else since this portable and super travel friendly Extension cord is going to solve all the inconvenience related issues. This extension cord is designed keeping in mind the smart technology of Automated ICs that are capable of self adjustment with respect to the amperes being required to power a certain appliance. Despite being super portable and highly functional the cord is designed with safety features such as automatic internal shutters alongside Fire suppressant external layers. Also you get to enjoy a free 18 month warranty and super responsive customer service.

Key Features

  • Extremely portable and light weighted
  • Powered with a 7 point safety system which is extremely reliable
  • Equipped with a variety of Two AC ports and Two Usb ports
  • Available in various sizes ranging from 5ft till 10 ft respectively.


Does investing for once in an Extension cord becomes a headache for you? With an array of multiple devices being lined up for simultaneous usage finding the perfect Extension cord that would efficiently accomadate difference devices becomes worrisome. Now with the advent of Super Danny Extension cord a customer enjoys a smart IC technology which auto detects the ampere requirements of different gadgets being charged.The extension cord is also powered by super safe insulator jackets that are high resistant to extreme voltage related fluctuations. The distantly positioned power outlets allows various plugs to accommodate and fit in the extension cord simultaneously

Key Features

  • Highly efficient Smart IC Technology allows Devices to be charged to an optimum level
  • Extreme safety with high insulatory cords effective against overheating and over voltage
  • Available in three different variants according to the cord length ranging from 4.5 ft to approximately 16.4 ft.

UltraPro 25 Ft Extension Cord

Tired of limiting your outdoor activities due to lack of electrical access? Does your outdoor appliances damage your ordinary extension cords while you try to any chores little as using a drill machine? Extension Cord Wires that are solely based for indoor use are conveniently found whilst the ones for Outdoor uses are mainly less relevant or fairly uncommon. With ultra pro Extension Cord one could easily power on outdoor resources that require that extra dose of power. Using this product would guarantee an experience of reliability and durability owing to its unique single plug design. The added advantage of a double insulated 25 ft gives ensures the product longevity.

Key Features

  • Powered with three power outlets ranging from 13 amps to 1625 Watts
  • Available in a variation of Five Cord Sizes the longest being 100ft.
  • Available in a variety of colors and two packing styles.


Whilst extension cords might seem as a supplementary item in contrast to the electrical appliances there is an immense need of choosing these wisely, depending on the power requirements alongside confirmation of safety standards should be heavily considered while purchasing an Extension cord. Here we have jolted down few points which could help you find the best extension wires for your appliances.

How to Select a Good Extension Cord wire? What aspects to consider while buying?

Choosing the appropriate Design

An extension cord regardless of their usage always features a jacket, which is basically treated as a safety mechanism protecting the cord wires from overheating or melting eventually. Jackets are either Round or flat faced.

Flat faced extension cords facilitate low power appliances or mundane indoor home appliances. The jackets are usually made of plastic like cover for regular usage within home setting

Extension cords secured with Round shaped jackets are basically made to resist heavy duty appliances and the heat generated in result of powering heavy duty appliances. This could include outdoor machinery or any other electrical appliances for specialized jobs.

Focus on the length.

Always be considerate of the fact that not all guesses need to hit the bull’s eye neither a very neck to neck comparison always bears a fruit. Practicality is another aspect of importance while choosing an Extension Cord’s Length. Always choose a cord with that of an extended length than you actually thought you would be needing, since few extra inches are not likely to disrupt the functioning of the cord where as on the contrary excessive pressure on a straightened or short cable could induce chances of breakage.

Choosing the Right Size

Also this has to be considered that shorter cable wires are much likely to conduct a larger amount of current with effectiveness as compared to longer cords.

Consider Flexibility

Cords that are usually of moldable nature are way more easier to preserve and also confining them to lesser spaces is much more feasible than that of a stiff one. The flexible cords are less likely to bear any significant harm when positioned in smaller spaces.

Maintaining a feasible environment

An extension cord acts as medium between the electronic infrastructure and the electric gadgets. First and foremost Extension cords that are meant for indoor setting use bear a lighter threshold to voltage requirements, Hence only low gear gadgets such as cell phones, laptop chargers, lamps or bulbs should be attached with Extension cords of such types. Also focusing on safety is not an internal process solely required by the manufacturers. It is also crucial for the consumers to maintain safety. Over heating is a highly prevalent issue when it comes to Extension cords. Over covering or purposely concealing them while abstaining heat to pass through the relevant channels could result in overheating of wires and a possible electrocution.

Identifying the correct Denomination

Mostly extension Cord manufacturers dedicate a series of Letters to segregate the features and manufacturing style of the cords. This helps maintain their utilization in the best possible settings I.e., Indoor and Outdoor with difference suited appliances.

The categorization is as follows

J- Cord featuring standard resistance and insulation.

O- This classification of cord is determined to be oil impenetrable.

S- Cords for generalized use relevant in almost all common settings and compatible with most mundane electronic devices.

W- this certain classification of cords is generally given a go ahead for outdoor use indicating these are compatible with most appliances of outdoor usability.

Understanding the Science of Gauge Numbers

Extension Cords are also differentiated on the basis of AWG “American Wire Gauge” numbers allocated to them. For instance, a cord with lower gauge number is much likely to be secure for use since lower the Gauge number thicker becomes the wire quality. Thicker wire promotes a much efficient insulation than thin gauge wires.

Focus on Prong Outlets

Number of Prong Outlets are detrimental in choosing the right Extension cords in terms of Usage. Usually available in Three Prong outlets and two prong outlets version, the former is well suited for powering up home appliances whereas the latter is well suited for powering up small device chargers.

Evaluating Ampere Rating.

Extension cords usually bear an adequate Ampere rating establishing the amount of power the cord could actually absorb. A cord claiming a higher ampere rating consequentially means it could handle heavy duty appliances. In general, a majority of extension products are manufactured with an ampere rating of 13 amps.


Q. What are the best possible ways to elongate the functioning life of an extension Cord?

A cord could be best maintained if its supposedly kept in a dry and clean environment as excessive moisture or dirt could bring pollutants to enter inside the wires. Secondly the longevity of such products is also tempered with if the load management is not done accurately.

Q. What are surge protectors and how Are these relevant?

These protectors are minute devices installed in cord wires in order to eradicate the possibility of overheating and also provide security in environments of extreme voltage fluctuation or power breakdowns.

Q. What are usual price points of Good Extension Cord Wires?

Pricing basically starts from 8$ to anywhere up to 90$. The price point is basically determined owing to factors such as cord length, safety protocols and brand’s pricing strategy mainly. Cords that are targeted to achieve outdoor usage purposes are most likely to be priced slightly higher than that of indoor ones since they require strict safety control and more investment of resources by the manufactures. . Outdoor cords are usually expensive due to their nature of their output.

Q. What is the difference between a Three-Pronged Outlet and Two Pronged one?

The basic differentiation lies in the nature of their usage. Two pronged models could well accommodate small scale devices such a Phone charger, laptop chargers or any run of the mill product that does not require a lot of electrical power. However, the three-pronged plug is mostly utilized where the power requirements are usually higher than that of two-pronged cords.


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